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Wheelie rikkoi jousituksen?

17.5.2024 23:03

I have an old spl 5 pro, and recently I stucked into trying to do a wheelie, and broke my previous suspension, I bought one today, a better one with remote block, isnt the highest quality, but my question and fear is, it will ger broken again if I keep on wheeling? Thank you very much for any answer

Re: Wheelie rikkoi jousituksen?

4.6.2024 6:23

To reduce the risk of breaking your new suspension while doing wheelies on your SPL 5 Pro, focus on improving your wheelie technique by lifting smoothly and using your body weight for balance. Adjust the suspension to a stiffer setting to handle the extra stress, and if possible, consider upgrading to a higher-quality suspension designed for stunts. Regularly inspect and maintain your suspension to catch any wear early. Practicing on softer surfaces like grass or dirt can also help reduce impact and prolong the life of your suspension.