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Top 3 good and attractive Match 3 games on Android and iOS p

3.4.2024 6:50

Match-3 is a mobile puzzle game series, it has a large fan base so it can also be considered to have a certain position in the gaming world. Interesting match 3 games like Candy Crush Saga, MonsterBusters: Match 3 Puzzle, Farm Heroes Saga, connect 4, Angry Birds Match 3...
1. Candy Crush Saga
This is the king of this genre. It is very difficult to resist the attraction that the game brings. The fan community is very large, even older people are addicted to this game. Currently on CH Play there are more than 1 billion views.
The game is very simple: connect more than 3 candies of the same type with a certain number of candy exchanges. Each time you succeed, you will earn points to complete the task of that level. Completing all the tasks means you win and move on to the new level. Currently, this game has more than 1,000 levels of increasing difficulty along with many different types of candy for you to freely experience.
2. Farm Heroes Saga
Following the success of Candy Crush Saga, publisher King has released the game Farm Heroes Saga.
Content: You play as the hero to stop monsters trying to steal crops from villagers.
How to play: Match 3 or more plants of the same type to collect them, plan your moves for each match, try to get high scores and complete missions to pass the level. Overcoming many small monsters will open boss battle mode with increasing difficulty.
3. Angry Birds Match 3
You probably still remember how famous Angry Birds is. To satisfy game match 3 fans, Angry Birds Match 3 was born. Immediately reaped many successes. To date, there have been more than 5 million downloads on Google Play
Content: The birds are very angry because the green pigs are coming from other places and trying to steal their eggs and destroy the crops.
How to play: Matching 3 or more birds of the same type will cause an attack on the evil pigs. You can raise pets, explore many worlds, and hundreds of different levels. There is an attractive boss mode

Re: Top 3 good and attractive Match 3 games on Android and i

11.4.2024 11:30

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Re: Top 3 good and attractive Match 3 games on Android and i

19.4.2024 10:11

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Re: Top 3 good and attractive Match 3 games on Android and i

10.6.2024 4:40

Yleisesti ottaen olen aina ollut kiinnostunut puhelinpeleistä, erityisesti korttipeleistä tai kasino. Nykyään niitä ei edes tarvitse ladata, vaan voi pelata suoraan verkossa ja vieläpä moderneissa, kätevissä versioissa. Äskettäin löysin nettikasinotulkomaiset, varsin mielenkiintoisen sivuston. Se hämmästyttää monipuolisuudellaan ja yleisellä käyttömukavuudellaan. Sivusto tarjoaa laajan valikoiman pelejä, jotka sopivat niin aloittelijoille kuin kokeneille pelaajille. Lisäksi käyttöliittymä on selkeä ja helppo navigoida, mikä tekee pelikokemuksesta miellyttävän. Asiakaspalvelu on myös aina valmis auttamaan ja varmistamaan, että pelikokemus on sujuva ja turvallinen.