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Studying at the University

1.11.2023 21:25

I had a conversation with my colleagues yesterday. we discussed how our children study. those who entered the university this year began to often complain about the heavy academic workload and fatigue. How can we help the younger generation distribute the load evenly?

Re: Studying at the University

2.11.2023 11:31

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Re: Studying at the University

30.11.2023 12:46

University knowledge is very difficult to grasp if you are not dedicated to learning. Missing class many times may make you ineligible to pass the exam, but surely those who work hard to pass the test are people who know how to balance studying and playingseterra.

Re: Studying at the University

28.4.2024 23:05

Studying at the university is hard, especially when it comes to nursing research papers. Often, I find myself searching for help and considering options like ask proffecional writers to write my nursing research paper Reflecting on my education at the medical university, I remember the difficulties more than anything else.
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Re: Studying at the University

29.4.2024 10:57

Modern education is expensive. I would study ideally if my parents paid for my education.