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Revolut Cryptocurrency Review

21.12.2022 2:00

Revolut Cryptocurrency Feature
It's easy to use
For beginners
Summary Revolut makes it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency quickly and easily. BIG downside. You can't send any cryptocurrency purchased on Revolut to anyone outside their ecosystem unless you are a subscriber of Revolut's Metal Plan. This is a huge problem. If you have only a Standard or Plus Revolut account, you will be charged 1.99% (min. I will 100% refund any cryptocurrency you purchase or sell. NOT Revolut's cryptocurrency trading platform. *Cryptoassets is a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. There is no EU investor protection. Your capital is at stake. In December 2017, Revolut launched a feature that allows users to purchase, sell and hold cryptocurrency directly from their mobile app. It's clear: Revolut makes it easy to purchase, sell and hold cryptocurrency. However, I find Revolut's cryptocurrency exchange to be a sham. To find out, read my complete Revolut cryptocurrency review.
How does Revolut's crypto Feature work?
Revolut makes it easy and fast to buy and sell cryptocurrency within their app. Click here to view content from YouTube. You can find out more about YouTube's privacy policies. Always display YouTube content Just what it says revolut card reviews What the market must do to attract newcomers and increase adoption.
Supported Cryptocurrencies
Revolut allows you to buy, sell and hold Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Ripple, XRP, and over 70 other cryptocurrencies.
Revolut has a full list of supported cryptocurrencies
This is the complete list of all cryptocurrencies currently available for purchase, sale, and holding on Revolut.
0x (ZRX)
1inch (1INCH)
Aave (AAVE).
Alchemy Pay (ACH).
Algorand (ALGO).
Ankr (ANKR).
Axie Infinity, (AXS).
Balancer (BAL).
Bancor (BNT).
Band Protocol (BAND).
Basic Attention Token (BAT).
Biconomy (BICO).
Bitcoin (BTC).
Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
Cardano (ADA)
Cartesi (CTSI)
Celo (CELO)
Chainlink (LINK).
Chiliz (CHZ)
Compound (COMP).
Cosmos (ATOM)
Cronos (CRO)
Curve Finance (CRV).
Dash (DASH)
Decentralization (MANA).
Dogecoin (DOGE).
Enjin (ENJ)
Enzyme (MLN)
Ethereum (ETH).
Ethereum Name Service (ENS).
Fetch.ai (FET)
Filecoin (FIL).
Flow (FLOW).
Gala (GALA).
iExec (RLC)
Internet Computer (ICP).
JasmyCoin (JASMY)
Keep (KEEP)
Kyber (KNC)
Litecoin (LTC).
Loopring (LRC).
Maker (MKR).
Mask Network (MASK).
Mirror Protocol (MIR).
New Kind of Network (NKN).
NuCypher, NU
Numeraire (NMR)
OMG Network (OMG).
Orchid (OXT).
Origin Protocol (OGN).
Perpetual Protocol (PERP).
Polkadot (DOT)
Polygon (MATIC).
Quant (QNT)
Ren (REN)
Ripple (XRP).
Sandbox (SAND).
Skale Network (SKL).
Solana (SOL)
Spell Token (SPELL)
Stellar Lumens (XLM)
Storj (STORJ)
SushiSwap (SUSHI).
Synthetix (SNX)
Tellor (TRB)
Tezos (XTZ)
The Graph (GRT).
Ummutable X
Yearn.Finance (YFI)
Supported Countries
All users can access Revolut's app cryptocurrency exchange. Residents These countries are:
United Kingdom
United States
European Economic Area (EEA).
Which countries is the EEA comprised of?
Republic of Cyprus
Czech Republic
United Kingdom
Cryptocurrency fees
The volume-weighted average (VWAP) is used to calculate Revolut's cryptocurrency price. Translated into plain English This means that the price is weighted towards the price that has seen most volume over a given time period. All this is based on Bitstamp's price data in the UK/EU. This means that prices are not affected by short-term price movements. This is bad news if you intend to trade, even casually. Revolut charges either a 1.99% fee, or a minimum PS0.99 - crypto on revolut review depending on which is higher (see here). This fee is reduced to 1.49 if you are a Premium or Metallic Revolut user, which both require a paid membership (see here). But there's more! Revolut will charge an additional fee for standard and plus users who exchange more than PS1000 of any currency each month. Additional 0.5% added to fees Revolut will not charge any additional fees for buying or selling cryptocurrencies. This is not the best way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in the UK.
Cryptocurrency wallets
Revolut does not support individual cryptocurrency wallets. Instead, cryptocurrencies are stored in an 'pooled virtual account' and your balance is recorded on their internal ledger. You can only send or receive cryptocurrencies if you are a Revolut standard user. This means that you can:
They are bound to the price they set.
You can't control your cryptocurrency (i.e. withdraw it).
You can't use your cryptocurrency. This is just speculation.
Revolut works in the same way as any other cryptocurrency exchange. This is a bad idea as many cryptocurrency exchanges have been hacked. It seems that it happens several times a year. There has been some good news recently. Revolut Metal subscribers will now be able to withdraw a small amount (max PS1000 per monthly) of Bitcoin (BTC to an external wallet. This was announced by Revolut on 5 May 2021.
Is Revolut going to allow anyone to withdraw cryptocurrency in the near future?
Revolut may be able to offer beta testing if it goes well
This functionality should be made available to standard Revolut users.
You can withdraw other cryptocurrencies, such as Ripple (XRP) or Ethereum (ETH).
Revolut launched its cryptocurrency exchange in-app in December 2017. I thought it would be able to accept cryptocurrency withdrawals and deposits within one year. However, this is still a constant criticism from the community.
Can I send cryptocurrency my friends who use Revolut?
Revolut has recently enabled this feature. Revolut allows you to instantly send any supported cryptocurrency directly to your friends - and it's completely free.
Summary: Revolut's Crypto Exchange is a Scam
Get away from this bullshit. Real Bitcoin (BTC) available. Revolut's inapp cryptocurrency exchange is a joke. Revolut calls their in-app cryptocurrency offering Cryptocurrency Exposure. It is quite telling. It's a way for you to speculate about cryptocurrency prices. It's that simple. may It's an easy way to get started with your first purchase. This motivates you even more about Bitcoin (BTC), and other cryptocurrencies. However, I am not convinced. Real cryptocurrency exchanges are also easy to set up and use. Revolut's cryptocurrency exchange is my only option, at least for the moment.
Revolut Cryptocurrency Alternatives
I have reviewed the top cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges in the UK, and ranked them as the best places to buy Bitcoin (BTC). Simplest Here are two great options for beginners to purchase your first Bitcoin (BTC).
CoinJar - Buy Bitcoin (BTC), and many other cryptocurrencies using GBP. You can deposit the money via a UK bank transfer, or immediately with a debit/credit cards. To learn more, check out my CoinJar review.
Coinbase :Pay fees as low 1.49% when you buy Bitcoin (BTC), with GBP deposited with UK bank transfers. To learn more, check out my Coinbase review.
The UK is the best place to buy Bitcoin (BTC). This popular post is a good one.
Do you have any other ideas?
Thank you for reading the Revolut cryptocurrency review. You can also leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts.
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Re: Revolut Cryptocurrency Review

19.4.2023 10:46

Overall, while Revolut may offer convenience for those looking to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, it may not be the best option for those who want more control over their assets or who are looking to use cryptocurrencies for transactions or other purposes. bluey

Re: Revolut Cryptocurrency Review

2.5.2023 8:17

Thanks for the helpful review about cryptocurrency.

Re: Revolut Cryptocurrency Review

29.7.2023 11:21

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